Friday, 4 September 2009

mornin' world

ugh. i'm up the morning after my first late-night study session. i've been spoiling my self with regular sleep between 12 and 7 the past few weeks, with the result being staying up last night was really hard; i have to stop being healthy sleep wise or i can't do this again!


today we are presenting a photography for our class, to talk about the composition used in it. i spent waaay too much time trying to find a photo last night, and even because that was partly due to me working against incredibly slow server loading times, it still felt a bit ridiculous at the end of the night. the photo really isn't all that, but then again i was doing a bunch of other stuff while doing the assignment, so perhaps that's what i should expect from such behavior. one thing is certain, kari needs to find her center, learn to focus again!

i actually like sitting around in the morning, by my self or with company it doesn't really matter, there's time and calm and sometimes even breakfast available, and you find your self feeling very relaxed even if it's so early you really ought to be fast asleep. i feel like tracy jordan from 30 rock: "I’m whipped! Angie got me up at 7:30 today. Did you know that in the morning, they have food, TV, almost everything. It’s pretty good." say it tracy, just say it!

i guess that's it. better get working on my newspaper assignment now.