Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Wearing Influences On Our Sleeve-Less T-shirts

Choose how to lose it all

We keep going to bed way, way too late, and here I am again, trying to work when I really need to be sleeping instead. At least they called me from the camping and told me that they don't really need me to come clean, so I can work reception instead.

I've kind of made up my mind. Actually, I have made up my mind; there should be no kind of in that sentence. So there you go.

Curious what I've made it up to? You're going to have to ask me. Obviously I don't want everyone to know through this blog. Pfft, silly you.

Why is paypal fucking everything up? Lars texted me this morning after some dude called him from Australia in the middle of the night. Nice one, people. Stupid fucking paypal!

Hm, I don't have to go in until 13.30, it is currently 11.30, and I have to be ready in about an hour so me and Hannes can go grab something to eat before work. I think I can allow my self to go back to bed for 20 minutes.. I have done most of the work and I'm just so tired!


What an awful blog entry. I think I'll finish this off by telling you all that I really want to make the best out of the rest of the summer. I'm going to be working at the camping until the 22nd or so, and then.. we'll see. But until then we should try to do a lot of things all the time. Love!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Sky Phenomenon

If You Ever Need a Stranger (to sing at your wedding)

I haven't slept well. Not that I have the past few weeks, but tonight was particularly bad. It didn't help that my alarm was set to 8.30 either, and I kept pushing it again and again until 10.10. Lucky for me there wasn't much to do, and I even had time to take a shower. I am sitting here typing to you while dripping water on the bed.

Dreams are funny. Well, bad-funny, and sometimes I guess they can be funny-funny, but at the moment none of mine are. I keep dreaming things that might turn out to be true, and it really bothers me. I remember last year I dreamed something that actually turned out to be true; it is obviously my sub conscience working it's magic (I already know it - but I won't think about it because it's too painful), but it still terrifies me when it happens. Whether or not what I am dreaming at the moment is true I do not know - I guess I might find out in a few days. Or not, it's hard to tell.

I kind of have to run off now.