Thursday, 2 August 2007

Sky Phenomenon

If You Ever Need a Stranger (to sing at your wedding)

I haven't slept well. Not that I have the past few weeks, but tonight was particularly bad. It didn't help that my alarm was set to 8.30 either, and I kept pushing it again and again until 10.10. Lucky for me there wasn't much to do, and I even had time to take a shower. I am sitting here typing to you while dripping water on the bed.

Dreams are funny. Well, bad-funny, and sometimes I guess they can be funny-funny, but at the moment none of mine are. I keep dreaming things that might turn out to be true, and it really bothers me. I remember last year I dreamed something that actually turned out to be true; it is obviously my sub conscience working it's magic (I already know it - but I won't think about it because it's too painful), but it still terrifies me when it happens. Whether or not what I am dreaming at the moment is true I do not know - I guess I might find out in a few days. Or not, it's hard to tell.

I kind of have to run off now.

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