Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Beat up the clowns!

Fluorescent Adolescent

How about.. how about I write an entry ignoring everything that really matters to me and pretend like the world is a happy-go-lucky place, catering to my wants and drugging me silly, happy, docile?

Yes, I do believe I will do just that. Now..


And my, what a turnout we have this year. I haven't been able to follow it quite as closely before, so this is a new experience for me, but the diversity, the high level of crap and the awesomeness actually surprised me. I'm totally in love with Pushing Daisies, it's rainbow sparkled murder-mystery-heartbreak thrown together to one strange package. The kind that makes you squirm and smile, but at the same time breaks your heart because you feel so alone when you watch it.

..yeah, this isn't gonna work.

I have lost my train of thought. I am incapable of writing anything right now, and it really irks me, because I feel the tingle in my fingertips, I feel the need to pour my thoughts (silly as they might be) out on this digital piece of paper.

My father tells me I should try to write a book, my mother makes me see people who will tell me what I should do with my life, me, I'm just trying to survive it all. And despite of everything; I miss your smell most of all.

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