Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Unexpected Obstacles

Who Are You, Defenders Of The Universe?

I don't actually have anything to write about, I just feel like jotting something down. I am having serious problems concentrating, and it's taking a toll on my work. Shape up or ship out, like they say, it's getting to a point where it is now or never.

Ohwell, hopefully I can get better. I have to, right?


I cannot keep down any food, I feel dizzy and disoriented, and I feel it is all justified because yesterday I made a comment about how I haven't really been sick in like half a year. Which is actually not true, I did have a weekend like this about 2 months ago or so. Hannes was here, he was sweet and helpful.. ugh, just.. don't think about it.

This is where it stops, before I start whining even more.

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