Monday, 23 April 2007

Another version of the truth

Eventually it'll break your heart

I am lonely down to the bone. I hate to complain about it, but seriously, I am lonely down to the bone. The room I am sitting in is not particularly large or small, but it is suffocating me in a way that makes it feels like it is the biggest empty void in the history of the universe. I know that is a complete contradiction, I guess that only makes my feelings worse. The fact that I am terrified out of my mind and in a total state of panic does not help either. Hurrah.

I guess the reasons behind my feelings are apparent. Although, different people have different parts of the puzzle, so no one really has an overview of the entire scenery. I do not even have that, and in a way that makes me happy because I think I would freak out if I did. I tend to focus on one problem at the time not to get too overwhelmed. The downside is that there is always something to worry about that way, you never get everything out of the way and the breaks from total panic are rare.

I miss you guys, all of you.

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