Wednesday, 25 April 2007

I think I'm worth the wait

Never leave your heart alone

I am actually not quite sure why I am writing today. Or, well, right now. I am sure I could have thought of something
earlier today, or perhaps later tonight as I avoid going to sleep, but right now my mind is pretty blank. It is not an ideal state when you are trying to write a very important essay, I will tell you that.

Today has been like all the other days, except not at all. We made the things that are featured on the picture; a great success, apparently it is the baking in the oven that get various results (Yes, Oliver, I am looking at you and your response). We had like 4 of them for desert, so now I feel quite stuffed.

It's a typical situation in these typical times
Too many choices, hey yeah
It's a typical situation in these typical times
Too many choices

Everybody's happy everybody's free
Keep the big door open, everyone'll come around
Why're you different, why are you that way
If you don't get in line we'll lock you away

Two is a perfect number

While we ate pasta with tomato sauce we watched Pom Poko, another Studio Ghibili classic. I kind of failed to understand the moral of the story, but hey, the raccoons were pretty cool at times. But to be honest I feel like such an idiot going on about food and movies when really all I want to write about is hos much things suck. I will not listen to my self. I am trying something new and it will probably suffocate me completely, but at least I will hold on until then. What? I do not really know.

It all comes down to nothing
Six senses feeling five around a sense of self
Four season turn on'n turn off
I can see three corners from this corner
Two's a perfect number
But one, well

I guess that is me.

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