Tuesday, 17 April 2007

No distance left to run

Publish my love

Another day, another memory, another picture, another .. what am I on about anyway? You try to put your thoughts into words, but you end up failing every time.

I'm adaptable and I like my new role
I'm getting better and better

And I have a new goal
I'm changing my ways where money applies

This is not a love song

I'm not well yet, that much is apparent. I guess what remains to see is whether or not this drug will work, and if I will be alright after the cure is over. I really hope so, going to the doctor is fairly expensive and really, I'm a poor student. I never used to think about my health much, and now it takes up a much larger portion of my time than I would like. Then again, I was really sick as a kid, but then I stayed healthy for many years. We can't have it all, it would be too easy.

After passing out around 5 am last night, I woke up at the wonderful hour of 2 pm. As the day was already pretty much over, I tried to do some damage control; shopping; cleaning; showering and doing some minor budgeting. Returning from the shop I found my self having difficulties carrying all the groceries the very short walk back to my apartment. During my minor budgeting I found that Vivian is way ahead of me on our overview, and I wanted to correct that a little. I bought a lot of food for both of us, and some juices and yogurt on the doctor's orders. It was a nice trip; I listened to my iPod and enjoyed my self among all the people, even if I looked like a stupid cow.

People of the earth are you hearing me
I'm dropping you a line from the cosmic city
There's nothing on the telly and the radio's shite
So I'm gonna blow you off with my meteorite

Sucking too hard on your lollipop - love's gonna get you down

Seeing Vivian again was great. We immediately started speaking our own little language, and it didn't take long for us to start yelling and laughing and running around like we always do. She (as me) had gotten a little tired of being at home with her parental unit, so she seemed quite happy to be back at the starship. We ate mozzarella and pesto pizza while watching the first episode of Futurama. Another amusing activity we partook in was raiding the 10 NOK marked at ICA maxi like the startroopers we are. A lot of worthless stuff was purchased, including some over priced popsicles that came with stick-on zoo animal tattoos. They also had some code we could register online, but when we tried that it did not work. This obviously pissed us off, so a lot of swearing and yelling occurred during the hours of.. ah, who am I kidding, we do nothing but curse at the sky.

It is now 4.22 am and I really need to sleep. I am attending a Prose lecture in less than 4 hours, and we usually leave half an hour or so beforehand. That leaves me about 2 hours to sleep if I am lucky and manage to fall asleep right away. Chances are I will not, but hey, a girl can dream.

Peace out guys, hope to see you soon.

In the daylight hours
I go out and kill the flowers
Faces all too clear
Keep on looming near

Are you lonely?
Are you lonely?
Are you lonely?

I know I am.

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