Thursday, 14 June 2007

When you wake for certain


Lavender Diamond has such a melancholy in her voice that it will sometimes break your heart. I like the album "Imagine our love", although sometimes it gets too much and I have to shut her music off.

To the left you can see my new shirt, it says "We found a map to candy mountain" from the youtube video that has been roaming the Shinra IRC chat for a while. I'm totally a pink unicorn, deal with it.

Random randomness to randomness: I'm making dinner today. Spaghetti.. but I don't like minced meat in my sauce, and when I told my dad that if he wants me to make dinner I'll make it in my own way he yelled at me and told me that the meat is the actual "food". Vegetarians all over the world will lynch him. I guess I'll make his stupid meat on the side, so I don't have to deal with it. Hah, take that one, screaming dad.

Wow, the substance of this post is breathtaking.

Uhm, total random link:

What's your least favorite website? Well, no matter, now you can shoot it until it bleeds! BLEEDS, I SAY, BLEEEEEEEEEDS!

Yay for blood.

This guy wears a webcam 24/7. I'm glad I haven't watched him go to the bathroom. Right now he's laying in his bed sleeping, looking very.. pale.

My room is a mess. Stupid room.

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