Friday, 6 July 2007

About What You Know

Ring of fire

I'm coming down with a cold. At the moment it is manageable; I feel like crap when I wake up in the morning and it bothers me throughout the day, but it's not a problem to live with it or anything. I do know it is going to get worse and combined with this slight heat wave we are experiencing, I'm fucked. I know I should not complain, but our house is not designed for summers like these, and it feels like we are living in a giant oven most of the time. The windows and doors are all completely open, but it doesn't really help and I am so incredibly happy I can run away to the basement where it's not really that warm.

Hannes is leaving this Sunday. Well, most likely, anyway. He's only going away for a week, but it's a stupid week to leave me and well.. I don't want him to go! But I get it, he's seeing his family and grandmother, just as he should be. But I can't be too selfish about him, it's like he said yesterday; "Every second spent too far away from you is an accident". AH HA HA HA. Oh, GOD, that is cheesy.

But we're doing .. better than I had expected. He has decided to definitely not go to school in Sweden, and that we might live here for a few months this fall. He's not going to turn down the school in England yet, but then again he doesn't have to decide if he is going or not until like.. September, so that leaves us time to see if we really are this compatible. Right now he's not doing much - he stays home and cleans up and drives me to work and picks me up again, but he seems happy and I'm happy and I don't know what else we could really hope for. I guess one of the reasons why I love him so much is that I enjoy his company so much; I don't really get sick of him. Being kind of sick and grumpy because of the heat makes me scared he'll get annoyed at me, but he's being really sweet (only with an occasional "Jesus Christ" when I get too stupid - but then I usually apologize) and very nice. I'm really happy in my life right now, and while all the pieces of the puzzle has not fallen into place just yet, I don't think I could ask for more.

My job at Crestock is quite nice, although a little challenging. Well, right now I am terrified that I will fuck up, seeing everyone else there is either on leave or sick. Normally Lars watches me like a hawk, reading through all the mails I send out and picking on every little word (Don't get me wrong, I would too if I was in his position), but now I am sitting in the giant room all by my self, getting e-mails from angry eastern Europeans and freaking out because I am actually in charge of everything and there's no one there to help me out should some enormous crisis emerge. But it's fine, it's only for today and Monday. I hope I don't fuck up though, I feel like Lars is taking a chance on me and I don't want him to look bad should I not meet the expectations people obviously have for me.

I guess I should go wake up Hannes. He's so cute when he sleeps, but I need to go to work now. I wonder if he'll buy me FFXII today. :D He said he would - so I'd have something to do while he's gone. :p Ahwell. <3

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Oliviero said...

What are you talking about, you don't need entertainment, you've got me and Renate, your two best friends in the whole wide world! xD