Tuesday, 11 September 2007

You say I must eat so many lemons..

..cus I am so bitter.

HUIIII, hvor det går.

Famous last words, I guess. Or, you wish they were. You all wish they were your famous last words because that would mean you died in a crazy rollercoaster ride, throwing your self off a plane or doing some other crazy high risk sport. But most of us die in hospitals, sick, elderly, even demented. It's sad. We keep avoiding death until we have reached the same stage we were as babies. Life goes from very low, to very high, but for some reason we all think that going back lower than we even were when we were infants is something to be longed after. Live forever, I guess.

A horrible concept, really; I want to be old, that's not it at all. But I want to be old and sane, I want to be old and enjoying the winter of my life. HAHA, what utter bullshit. Full of it today, I guess.


Having been a pretty steady reader of it for a while, I must say that the fabulist! still surprises me. It's a dangerous read (I found my self getting stuff from etsy a few times after reading it), but completely worth it. I'm a little mad at her for not spelling Jens Lekman's name right in her "The Beginning Of A Dawning Of A Brand New Day Mix", but hey, these things happen. Lerkman is a pretty cool name anyway.

I got my first textmessage from Hannes since like... June yesterday. Oh, how fun. Now he can go back to not picking up his cell phone instead of his home phone. <3

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